Driver training

For your workplace or group.

We come to you.

Through our effective and engaging workshops, we help your staff learn how to interact more safely and comfortably around cyclists.

A session at your workplace can help your staff and fleet drivers to:

  • learn ways to prevent roadway collisions.
  • decrease their stress by understanding the rights and requirements that cyclists have.
  • interact more safely and comfortably with all road users.
  • become good ambassadors for your organization, and decrease friction with the public.

"What are the rules of the road for cyclists?"

"How much space do they need, and how much am I required by law to give them?"

"What kind of behavior can I expect to encounter from people riding bikes, and why do they do what they do?"

"What techniques can I use to keep me, and others, safer out on the road?"

We teach the Defensive Cycling course for cyclists who have been ticketed for a traffic offense, and believe strongly in having all of us follow the rules of the road and respect one another. Our lead instructor is a licensed driver with more than 33 years of driving experience.

These workshops are balanced and practical. They take into consideration the fact that all types of road users make errors – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. We help workshop participants arrive at a more complete and balanced knowledge of not only the law, but also of our own behavior and that of others. The end result is a clearer understanding of the rights and responsibilities we all have, and a more human approach to interacting with others on our roadways.

These workshops can be arranged according to your staff’s schedule, day or evening, subject to availability.

Contact us today to book yours!

See why organizations enlist our services to increase the safety of their staff, and to improve their public image. Our clients include government agencies, universities and colleges, major corporations, small businesses, cycling advocacy organizations and groups of all kinds.

Length: 1 to 1.5 hours
Cost: $225 per workshop, per group (up to 25 participants) in the Austin, TX area. Workshops are available outside of the Austin area for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

Travis County Parks

Travis County Parks

San Marcos Rotary Club

San Marcos Rotary Club

Texas Driver Traffic Safety Education Association

Texas Driver Traffic Safety Education Association