Bike maintenance workshop

Demystify your bike!

Learn how to keep your bike in top working order, no rocket science needed. Adjusting your bike to fit you, cleaning and lubricating it, repairing flats, adjusting brakes and shifters, replacing cables. This workshop helps take the mystery out of how your bike works.

Your bike raises some questions that we can help you answer:

  • "I’m worried about relying on my bike to get to work on time. What if something happens to it along the way?"
  • "My bike doesn’t shift well, so I tend to stay in just a small range of gears. That makes the hills tough. Do I have to take it in to the shop?"
  • "My brakes squeak loudly, so I’m hesitant to use them fully. Can that be fixed?"
  • "I get a sore neck and sore shoulders when I ride. Do I need a new bike, or is there something I can do to make this one work?"
  • "I want to spend some money on my bike to upgrade it, but I’m not sure what parts to spend the money on. Any suggestions?"

Join us for this workshop and learn about:

  • fitting your bike for comfort & efficiency;
  • cleaning & lubricating your bike;
  • basic repairs: fixing flats, replacing cables;
  • adjusting brakes & shifters;
  • what tools and accessories you need.

No technical skills needed.

Bike optional

This module involves explaining how the various parts of their bikes work, how to adjust or repair them as necessary, and how to make the bike you have work for you with some minor adjustments and additions.

Although it’s not necessary for participants to bring their own bikes, doing so can allow them to refer to their particular bike immediately, helping increase the knowledge they retain and allowing for beneficial questions.

What you can expect

As well as presenting practical information in an easy-to-understand manner, the workshop allows for significant interaction with the participants and fielding questions.

Taught by an internationally certified cycling instructor, this session shares with you a wealth of techniques taught in cycling courses throughout North America.

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Length: 1 to 1.5 hours
Cost: $225 per workshop, per group (up to 25 participants) in the Austin, TX area. Workshops are available outside of the Austin area for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.