Defensive Cycling at UT Austin

Cyclists: Dismiss your UT traffic or parking ticket by taking an online course.

Did you receive a traffic or parking ticket on campus from the UT Police Department or Parking and Transportation Services? You may be eligible to have your ticket dismissed and your fine waived in exchange for taking part in an online Defensive Cycling course.

In this 2-hour, interactive offering from The Center for Cycling Education, not only will you learn valuable traffic skills, but you will become familiar with the laws that apply to you on the campus, within Austin, and throughout Texas. You can access the material on your own schedule, all at once or a bit at a time.

  • Cost: $24.95
  • Time: Approximately 2 hours

Become a safer, more confident, and more skilled cyclist.

Q: “What if I haven’t received a ticket? Can I still take the course?”

A: Absolutely. We offer a similar course to students, staff and faculty. Learn how to ride more safely and comfortably, and reduce your chances of getting a traffic or parking citationlink opens in a new window on campus or in town.

(Note that this other course is not eligible for dismissing a traffic or parking ticket.) Get quick access here.

To dismiss your traffic or parking ticket:

Steps to take:

  1. Submit an appeal to Parking and Transportation opens in a new window
    • The appeal must be submitted within 12 days of the date of the ticket.
    • This provides you with a 30-day extension beyond your 12-day deadline in which you can complete the course.
    • State that you would like to take the Defensive Cycling class to dismiss your ticket.
    • Submit your appeal using the online form of by sending an email. Details opens in a new window
  2. Sign up for the course.
    • Register and pay for the course.
    • Provide your citation (ticket) number and necessary contact information.
  3. Successfully complete the course.
    • This must be done within your 30-day extension period.
    • A Certificate of Completion will be prepared and emailed to Parking and Transportation Services. You will be copied on this email.
    • Once this is processed, the fine will be waived and the ticket dismissed.

For more information on the appeals process, please visit the appeals pagelink opens in a new window.

Please note: It is your responsibility to complete the course before your deadline. After the deadline, the fine must be paid, and no refund is issued for the online course.

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Why take the Defensive Cycling course?

By taking part in the course, you will:

  • qualify to have your citation dismissed and your fine waived by Parking and Transportation Services;
  • gain valuable techniques that will help you increase your safety and comfort in traffic, even if you are an experienced cyclist;
  • learn the laws that apply to you as a cyclist, reducing the likelihood of getting a future ticket.

Q: “I got a parking ticket for running a stop sign. Will I save money by taking this course?”

A: Yes. The fine is $75, so you will get your ticket dismissed and save $50. You will also get get 6 months of access to valuable training.

Q: “I got a parking ticket for $25. Why would I want to pay $24.95 for this course instead of just paying my fine?”

A: For the same price, you’ll not only get your ticket dismissed, but will get 6 months of access to valuable training.

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If you have any questions, or would like to have a similar course customized for your university, college or organization, please contact us.

The Center for Cycling Education developed the training materials and manages the course delivery. Parking and Transportation Services manages the issues relating to processing the citation(s).