Traffic Smarts for Cyclists: UT Austin

A cycling traffic skills course for students, staff and faculty of the University of Texas at Austin.


Please note that the no-cost sponsorship of this course by UT Austin Parking and Transportation Services has ended.

However, for a limited time the Center for Cycling Education is offering a $10-off coupon code for UT Austin students, staff and faculty for this UT Austin-specific course.

This enjoyable, interactive training will familiarize you with recommended riding techniques as taught throughout North America. It also outlines the regulations relating to cyclists on campus, elsewhere in Austin, and throughout Texas – not just your responsibilities, but also your rights on the road.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or new to riding, this course will help you increase your safety and comfort while riding in traffic.

Would you like to learn how to ride more safely and comfortably, and reduce your chances of getting a traffic or parking citationlink opens in a new window on campus or in town?

"Do I have to ride at the edge of the road, or can I control my lane?" "How can I encourage drivers to give me enough space, and cooperate with me?" "What laws apply to me as a cyclist?" In this course, you will find the answers.

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To get your coupon code, you only need your UT Austin EID, and to complete the simple registration form on the right side of the page (or below if viewing on a mobile device). You will receive an email containing a link where you can apply the coupon code and purchase the UT Austin course at a reduced rate.

"I’m not a UT Austin student, staff or faculty member, but would still like to take the course so I know the UT regulations (as well as those for Austin and the rest of Texas)." No problem. You can sign up for the course directly here.

"I received a cycling-related traffic/parking ticket on the UT Austin campus. What can I do?"

Take the Defensive Cycling (ticket dismissal) version of the course to dismiss your citation and waive the fine. The cost is only $29.95 (the coupon code is not applicable for this course). Details here.

Bicycling is a significant component of the University’s plan to reduce local traffic congestion and air pollution.

Each year, Parking and Transportation Services continues to work on improving bicycling on campus. Because it is important that every cyclist on campus be familiar with safe and proper riding techniques, PTS has partnered with The Center for Cycling Education to provide you with access to this online traffic skills course – the first of its kind in North America.

Please note: This course will not apply for dismissing a traffic or parking ticket you received while riding your bike on campus. This requires taking the ticket dismissal course.

If you have any questions, or would like a customized course for your university, college or organization, please contact us.