Purchasing access for your friends and family members

Our Traffic Smarts online course for cyclists is an excellent way to help a rider you care about increase their confidence and competence out on the roads and paths.

30-day money-back guarantee6 months of access with a 30-day money back guarantee from time of purchase! I’m certain that you’ll gain valuable insights you can use on your very next ride. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied, your money will be refunded.
Allan Dunlop, Director

It’s easy to give access to the course for another person, for a few people, or for many.

  1. Visit the link for the desired country (see below), add the course to your shopping cart, and register (email and password).
  2. Choose “If you are purchasing for someone else or require bulk purchasing, Click Here.”
  3. Follow the easy steps outlined in the screenshot below.

how to purchase an online cycling course for family or friends
You will be able to:

  • add people’s names and email addresses directly: they will be automatically enrolled once the transaction is completed;
  • leave the users’ names as ‘unknown': you will receive separate codes that can be sent to them allowing instant access;
  • do a combination of both.
  • select ‘Include Myself,’ which adds your name and email address to the list, signing you up automatically.

Give the gift of traffic skills to a friend or family member now:

Traffic Smarts for Cyclists USA Traffic Smarts for Cyclists CANADA

Need access for a larger group?

Find out about access and bulk purchase discounts for your organization.

Give the gift of improved awareness, greater skills, and more comfort:

Traffic Smarts for Cyclists USA     Traffic Smarts for Cyclists CANADA

The online course incorporates descriptive text, video, graphics, photos and quizzes, covering the following topics in depth:

  • Bike handling skills: Including scanning, signaling, ‘cadence’ and shifting
  • Being an MVP-C: Maneuverable, Visible, Predictable and Communicative
  • Our legal rights and responsibilities: How following the law works in your favor
  • Scanning and signaling: Putting them into practice
  • Choosing a place on the road: Selecting the proper lane and lane position, avoiding parked cars, managing bike lanes
  • Managing intersections (including 4-way stops): Lane position, stopping, right of way, making turns and more
  • Riding on sidewalks/two abreast/near large vehicles/on paths and trails
  • Required and recommended equipment
  • Parking and locking your bike

There is approximately three hours of content in total. Riders can learn at their own pace, gaining valuable insights they can use on their very next ride. The content can be viewed all at once or a bit at a time, and returned to for review and improvement any time during the six-month access period.

Give the gift of traffic skills to a friend or family member now:

Traffic Smarts for Cyclists USA     Traffic Smarts for Cyclists CANADA

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