Bicycle lessons in Saskatoon, SK


Location for cycling lessons in Saskatoon

Learn-to-ride lessons in Saskatoon take place at Prairieland Park.

We meet inside the complex, at the corner of Lorne Avenue & Exhibition Grounds Road link. Just after you turn in, enter the first parking lot on the right (see images below).

Prairieland Park -- Corner of Lorne Avenue and Exhibition Grounds Road

Prairieland Park, Saskatoon: Corner of Lorne Avenue & Exhibition Grounds Road
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Prairieland Park, Saskatoon Corner of Lorne Avenue & Exhibition Grounds Road

Close-up of lesson location
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Steps to take

Action items–please take the following steps to prepare for the cycling lesson:

  • Note the meeting location. When you turn onto Exhibition Grounds Road, turn into the first parking lot to the right.
  • Send us the student’s height & inseam measurement, so that we can choose the right bicycle to bring.
  • Bring the student’s bike & helmet, if they have these.
  • Bring along whatever water/drinks/snacks the student would like. The lesson takes a fair amount of concentration and energy; being rested and well-fed are important factors for success.
  • Send us your cell number, in case we need to get in touch before the lesson.
  • Keep our number handy in case we need to get in touch before the class (visible at the top of the website).

Bicycle rentals

Bicycle rentals in Saskatoon, SK

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For all lessons, we provide a woom® brand bicycle and helmet for riders up to 5’2″ at no cost, courtesy of woom bikes USA link.

For riders over that height, a bicycle can be rented from one of the following locations in Saskatoon:

link Bike Doctor | 623 Main Street, Saskatoon, SK | (306) 664-8555
$30 for 5 hours | $40 for 24 hours | $70 for 2 days/weekend
Model(s) offered:
Momentum® ‘I Need Street’
link Bike Universe | 122 – 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK | (306) 244-0200
$40/day | $60 for 2 days/weekend.
Model(s) offered:
Detroit Bikes® ‘A-Type’
Detroit Bikes® ‘B-Type’
Felt® ‘Verza Cruz’
link Bruce’s Cycle Works | 20-1015 Central Avenue, Saskatoon, SK | (306) 934-2552
$50/day | $80 for 2 days/weekend.
Model(s) offered:
Rocky Mountain® Blizzard 10 ‘fat’ bike