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Austin, TX

Austin, TX

While May seems a long way off on these chilly winter days, the planning is already beginning for Austin’s Bike Month. The City of Austin is coordinating a planning meeting to begin putting together the events and activities for the month. If you would like to help out or are curious about what is involved, please join in the initial planning meeting on Monday, February 7.

2011 Austin Bike Month Planning Meeting
6:15 PM, Monday, February 7
Chipolte at 8th & Congress

(Free drink & snack provided for meeting participants)
Contact Nadia Barrera at (512) 974-7142 or

Note from Nadia Barrera at City of Austin Bicycle and Pedestrian Program about the meeting:

It’s that time again…

I am looking forward to meeting up with you. CHIPOTLE IS OFFERING FREE SNACKS AND DRINKS!!!

Please bring your agenda items, tentative dates for events, etc and I will bring paper calendars for folks to write on.

Thank you!

(I have scheduled this meeting in the evening so that those of you that have other work-day commitments can make it. If you still can’t make it, please feel free to send me any tentative event dates that you have and we will do our best to get the word out and schedule you on the overall calendar.)

Tentative agenda:

  • Calendar – we will need to organize dates and have a central location where a calendar is kept (Bike-to-Work Week – May 16-20, Bike-to-Work Day, Friday, May 20)
  • Bike Month Proclaimation – April 28th+
  • Bike to School Day?
  • Yellow Bike Birthday?
  • Closing Ceremony?
  • Other planned events?