Why take a cycling class for riding in traffic?

Don’t you just get on and pedal?

Few people would ever suggest just getting in a car and driving without learning the rules of the road and the proper techniques. Fewer still would want to share the road with a driver who skipped these steps.

Riding a bike safely — and especially, riding in traffic — requires a range of skills and knowledge. Having these tools makes a world of difference in a cyclist’s safety and comfort on the roadway.

You have what it takes.

Our philosophy in teaching cycling is this: You already have all the abilities you need to ride safely in traffic.

We work with you to apply these abilities to cycling, and to develop them further.

We have courses for all ages and skill levels (even for those who’ve never ridden a bike before). The CCE can help you experience the fun, freedom, exercise and socializing that comes with being able to ride.

You can get there from here.

Regardless of what kind of cyclist you are — or want to be — we can help:

  • an experienced cyclist wanting to upgrade your skills or make the ride easier;
  • a new cyclist wanting to start commuting to work;
  • a sport cycling enthusiast looking to make your training program safer;
  • a recreational cyclist who wants to increase the range you can ride;
  • someone who wants to ride a bike — or ride it on the road — for the first time.

We’ve helped many people go from…

  • no cycling experience to pedaling, braking, shifting and signaling in 3 hours.
  • no on-road experience to riding confidently and competently in downtown traffic (online and on-bike courses available).
  • up to 50 years or more of riding experience to having greater knowledge, confidence and competence in today’s traffic situations, through courses of varying lengths.

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s effective.

You’re in good hands.

All Instructors who lead cycling courses for The CCE are certified League Cycling Instructors (USA) or CAN-BIKE Instructors (Canada).

Our lead instructor is internationally certified as a Master Instructor (USA) and National Examiner (Canada).

And we love to ride. Our enthusiasm and experience is something we would very much like to share with you.

See the menu above for our full range of cycling training courses. Interested in a private lesson or in customizing a course to your (or your organization’s) needs? Feel free to contact us, as we have considerable experience in both of these options.