Defensive Cycling ticket dismissal course

Available for implementation anywhere in the USA and Canada.

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Are you a cyclist who has received a traffic ticket while riding your bike in Texas? Are you a cyclist who hasn’t been ticketed, but would like to know how to avoid getting one, and become more skilled at riding in traffic?

Since July of 2010, we have been offering an option to cyclists that has been available to drivers for years – having a traffic ticket waived in exchange for taking part in some valuable, effective training.

With this course, you will meet the requirements to have your fine waived (but not the court fee), and your traffic ticket dismissed. It can also keep the offense from being applied to your driving record in error*.

Whether you are new to cycling, or an experienced rider, you will also take away valuable techniques for increasing your safety and comfort in traffic. Through the training, you will learn the laws that apply to you, helping you avoid a ticket in the future.

Currently we have had more than 1100 people take this classroom and online training to dismiss a traffic ticket. Many others have taken our Traffic Skills course out of general interest, to gain a pedicab license, or to meet training requirements for their employers.

Cost: $34.95 / Time: Approximately 2 hours

Here’s how you can take part in this ‘ticket dismissal’ option:

  1. Complete and submit a Deferred Disposition form through the Court, along with the payment of the court fee and any other associated charges.
  2. Sign up for the online course (chose your location):
  3. Complete the course with a passing grade.
  4. A Certificate of Completion will be prepared and emailed directly to the Court, or sent to you to deliver to the Court (depending on the jurisdiction).
  5. Once the certificate is processed, the fine will be waived and the ticket dismissed.

Why take the Defensive Cycling course?

By taking part in the course, you will:

  • Qualify to have your fine waived by the Court. (Note: you still need to pay your court fee and associated costs.)
  • Gain valuable techniques that will help you increase your safety and comfort in traffic, even if you are an experienced cyclist.
  • Learn the laws that apply to you as a cyclist, reducing the likelihood of getting a future ticket.

Additional resources

* Unless dismissed via a Defensive Driving or Defensive Cycling course, all traffic citations received by the Austin Municipal Court (including those received while riding a bike) are sent through to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Only citations received while driving a motor vehicle (moving violations) are supposed to be applied to one’s driving record. However, there are recorded instances where, through human error, a cycling ticket does end up on the record:

  • Lack of notation on the ticket that the vehicle involved was a bicycle.
  • Motor vehicle offense code entered on ticket instead of bicycle offense code.
  • Improper processing of a bicycle-related citation at DPS as being a motor vehicle violation.

The CCE developed all applicable training materials and administers the course training.

Did you receive a traffic or parking ticket on the UT Austin campus from the UT Police Department or Parking and Transportation Services?
If so, you now have the option of taking the online course to waive your fine and dismiss your ticket. Get more details and sign up here.